Top 5 Book Stores in Kalyan

“Hey book lovers! If you’re in Kalyan and itching for a good read, you’re in luck! Kalyan has some fantastic book stores waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re into gripping thrillers, heartwarming romances, or insightful non-fiction, there’s something for everyone. So, grab your reading glasses and let’s dive into the top five bookstores in Kalyan where you can find your next literary adventure!”

“This blog explores the top five bookstores in Kalyan, as determined by their Google Maps ratings, guiding readers through the city’s literary landscape based on the experiences and recommendations of fellow book enthusiasts.”

1. Bagade Book Store

Bagade Book Store outlook

Bagade Book Store, a beloved spot in Kalyan & a leading Book stores, evokes cherished childhood memories with its friendly seller uncle.

Visitors reminisce about buying books here from childhood through graduation, as this store caters to all ages.

As one of Kalyan’s oldest bookstores, Bagade offers a diverse range of books and stationary items.

Since childhood, it has been a favorite haunt for locals, boasting a comprehensive collection including CBSE, ICSE, JEE, NEET, and SSC materials.

Phone: 0251 220 4280

Address64RH+Q93, Shankarrao Chowk, near Eye Hospital, Manik Colony, Kumbharwada, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301

2. Mahila Stores (Regal Stationers)

Mahila store Outside View

Let’s explore Mahila Store, a gem in Kalyan offering more than just Book Stores. According to Google reviews, customers love their affordable books and stationary. It’s a haven for students, offering low-priced essentials for both work and study.

Customers praise the wide range of stationary, craft supplies, and books available at reasonable prices. The friendly and helpful staff, along with the down-to-earth owner, create a welcoming atmosphere. Mahila Store is hailed as an updated shop in Kalyan, catering to all stationary needs. 

Whether you’re an artist, student, or someone in need of everyday essentials, Mahila Store has you covered. It’s a place where customers feel happy and satisfied with every purchase, making it a go-to destination in Kalyan. Visit Mahila Store today and experience the joy of finding everything you need in one place!

Phone: 080805 17777

AddressMahila Stores, Shankarrao chowk, Bhoiwada, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301

3. New Alankar Book Depot

New Alankar Book Depot outside view

New Alankar Book Depot shines among Kalyan’s Book Stores with its excellent service and polite owner.

Customers praise its wide selection of books and stationery, along with reasonable rates and good service.

For many, it’s a trusted destination since childhood, with the shopkeeper’s friendly nature and reliable book availability.

Even if a desired book isn’t in stock, they efficiently place orders and keep customers informed about arrivals.

Phone: 099205 53161

AddressShop No.1,Deepashree Bldg, Line No 5, Kalyan(W), Rambaug, Mumbai, Maharashtra 421301

4. Chetan Book Depot

Chetan Book Depot Outside view

Chetan Book Depot stands out among Kalyan’s book stores for its comprehensive selection and affordable prices.

Customers praise its friendly staff and wide range of stationary items, catering to both school and college needs.

Known for its budget-friendly offerings and supportive staff, it’s a must-visit for all stationary requirements.

With a reputation for helpfulness and availability of various stationary, Chetan Book Depot is a go-to destination for many.

Phone: 098332 89151

AddressShankar Pawshe Rd, Sai Baba Nagar, Katemanivali, Hanuman Nagar, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421306

5. Matoshree Stationary & Book Depot

Matoshree Stationary & Book Depot shines as a go-to spot among Kalyan’s book stores and stationary shops.

Customers rave about its extensive selection of books and stationery, offering quick service at affordable prices.

Situated at the heart of the city, it’s easily accessible and known for its cooperative staff.

For college-goers and bulk buyers, it’s the ultimate destination with the best deals and timely delivery.

Whether you’re stocking up for school or seeking specific items, Matoshree Stationary & Book Depot has you covered.

Phone: 098207 63330

AddressManish Apt, Zunjarrao Market, Kalyan (W), Agra Road, Kalyan Station Rd, Bhoiwada, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301

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